Starter Set Minimal DK

Starter Set Minimal DK

DTCO 4.1 ready
  Legally compliant data archiving
  No monthly fees
  No limitations
  Free updates
This set contains:
Driver card reader GF-1045
8GB Downloadkey
Card Control Software Software on CD-ROM
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  • ArtNr: MIN-DK-08-CD
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Card Control Plus Software

software details

Card Control Software

DTCO 4.1 ready
The GloboFleet Card Control software offers drivers, companies and dispatchers the option of archiving their driver card data and mass storage independently on the computer.

With the Card Control software you meet the legal requirements for archiving the driver card and the data in the mass memory.

Each time the driver card is read the data is automatically stored locally on the PC or in your network. The archived files can be opened and viewed again at any time.

You get an overview of your driving and rest times in real time to avoid violations.

Features of GloboFleet Card Control software

Driver card

Read out driver card
Archive driver card
Driver card data
Remaining time analysis
Activity analysis
Used vehicles
Tachograph events
Special case evaluation
Countries passed through
Error evaluation


Archive mass storage data file

General functions

Excel data export
Data archive
Monitoring the download deadlines
Automatic data backup
Check the accuracy of the file content (Incl. Signatures)
Technical remote support
Data import from the download terminal
Data transfer by e-mail
Proxy server support
E-mail server configuration
  • European Community
  •   Regulation (EG)Nr. 561/2006
  •   International passenger transport
  • Switzerland
  •   Chauffer regulation ARV1(Truck)
  •   Chauffer regulation ARV1 (Bus)
  •   Chauffer regulation ARV2 (regular)
  •   Chauffer regulation ARV2 (Taxi service)

Operating system

Card Control Software Windows 11
Windows® 11
Card Control Software Windows 10
Windows® 10
Card Control Software Windows 8
Windows® 8
Card Control Software Windows 7
Windows® 7
Card Control Software MAC Intel OS
Intel® Mac OS
Card Control Software MAC M2 OS
M2 Mac OS

System requirements

300 MB free hard disk memory

Driver card reader GF-1045

GloboFleet Downloadkey

Product information

Its high weight and stable stand makes the GF 1045 easy to use.

The card reader can be connected easily to the USB-port of your computer. With about 100,000 mating cycles makes this card reader is a reliable reading device to download driver card data for a very long time.
Technical data
Dimensions approx. 75 x 51 x 55 mm
Weight approx. 300 g
Housing colour grey
Connection USB
Cable length ca. 1,75 m
Power input max. 100 mA
Permission EMV 2000 Level 1
Contacting mechanical swipe reader

GloboFleet® Downloadkey II

DTCO 4.1 ready
GloboFleet Downloadkey

Product information

The GloboFleet Downloadkey II is the ideal readout tool for archiving mass memory data or driver card data from the digital tachograph in accordance with the law. The data can be conveniently read out directly in the vehicle. The Downloadkey is available in three memory sizes: 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. If necessary you can empty the Downloadkey on the PC at any time.

Thanks to the clearly visible status display you always have an overview of the current download status. On the one hand the Downloadkey has a standardized interface that is compatible with all digital tachographs. On the other side there is a USB interface through which data can be easily transferred and archived to the Computer.

The GloboFleet Downloadkey II can be configured on the PC at any time and adjusted according to your requirements. Free updates ensure that the Downloadkey II remains a reliable download tool in the future.