GloboFleet® transfer certificate

GloboFleet® transfer certificate
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GloboFleet® transfer certificate

Using the GloboFleet® transfer and GloboFleet® master certificate you are able to transfer the encoded data to another facility.

With GloboFleet transfer certificates you can connect to facilities quick and easy. Every time one of your employees archives the data of the driver card or digital tachograph on a computer, this information will be transferred to your headquarters so you can analyze and archive it immediately. The permission to send or receive data depends on the used certificate which means the highest level of security.

With the GloboFleet transfer certificate your employees are able to transfer encoded data from the driver card or digital tachograph from every common computer with an Internet-connection to another facility.

You just need to deposit the GloboFleet transfer certificate in a GloboFleet archive software or the transfer client of your employees.

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